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Israeli Ruscus - Bulk

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Quality Wholesale Israeli Ruscus at an affordable price! Finish off your bouquets with a modern touch using Israeli Ruscus.  Farm Fresh, extremely hardy and easy to work with, our Israeli Ruscus has a very long vase life.

Our flowers are shipped direct from the farm, making them extremely fresh! These greens Require 7 Days Advance Notice! Free Shipping is included in the price, with a 100% guarantee of quality. 

Israeli Ruscus Care instructions:

  • Open box and cut strapping to remove greens.
  • Remove any foliage that might fall below water line.  Foliage/greens that fall below water levels will create bacteria in the water and reduce the life of your greenery.
  • Cut approx 1" off the bottom of the stem.
  • Place in fresh, clean water.  Check water levels frequently.  Hydrating flowers and greens absorb a lot of water.
  • Suggested Delivery Date is 2 Days Before Event