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FLowers for Fundraising specializes in providing the freshest, highest quality cut flowers, floral bouquets and floral arrangements to schools, clubs, sports organizations, churches, pageants, non-profits, businesses and civic organizations across the united States. As such, we have grown into the nation’s largest provider of floral products designed specifically for the fundraising needs of organizations.

Flowers for Fundraising began as a result of numerous requests our parent company, 48LongStems, received from our clients. 48LongStems was, and still is, one of the earliest pioneers of internet retail florists - and one of the very few who supplies flowers to customers in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. In 2007 we began differentiating ourselves further by becoming one of the first florists to offer wholesale flowers, arrangements and bouquets directly to the public.

As soon as we were able to offer wholesale flowers to the public, we started receiving requests from schools, clubs and churches nationwide looking to raise much needed money in a new way. With the beginning of the great recession, budgets were extremely tight and getting tighter, and our clients needed to raise extra funds just to make ends meet. Tired of selling the same magazines, wrapping paper and popcorn, our clients asked us to develop a set of products they could sell easily, with low capital requirements, and the ability for them to set their own profit margins. Working directly with our farm partners, we developed a line of floral bouquets and bulk flowers to do just that.

Selling bulk flowers and bouquets turned out to be just what our clients were looking for an Easy and fresh way to make money. As our client’s success grew, requests for new, different and more product options grew - so much so, that we decided we needed to create a new company, solely devoted to developing and servicing the needs of this customer base. Flowers for Fundraising was born and has now grown into the largest provider of fresh floral fundraising products in the country.

Like our parent company, 48LongStems, Flowers for Fundraising is committed to providing the freshest, highest quality floral products, at the most competitive prices in the industry. In addition, both 48LongStems and Flowers for Fundraising made a conscious decision to source our flowers from farms that are committed to producing flowers using the most eco-friendly methods available. As a company dedicated to environmental responsibility, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to ensure all of our products were grown sustainably, ensuring that the soil, the water and the climate our flowers are grown in are not just protected, but improved to keep the health of our planet, our farms and their workers safe. And speaking of workers, we would not be anything without the incredibly talented, hard working and dedicated farmers that grow our flowers. As such, being green isn’t good enough for us. Our farm partners must also be committed to the highest ethical and socially responsible employment practices. This encompasses a lot of items, but overall, this means our farms commit to paying above standard wages, provide health benefits for the farmers and their families, daycare options and in some instances education services, no human rights abuses or forced labor, and policies that address gender inequality, and the protection of Indigenous land rights. Our farms must demonstrate that they provide better working conditions, personal protective gear and labor protections to ensure our flowers aren’t just good, they do good for the communities these farms exist in. For more information about the certifications we look for when choosing our partner farms, check out links at the bottom of this section.

Finally, with Flowers with Fundraising, we wanted to go even further in creating a company that truly embodied the notion of "Giving Back". Sourcing our flowers from farms that commit to improving the environment and their communities is the first pillar of our three pillar "Flowers that Do Good" mission statement. Our second pillar is deeply personal for the founders of 48LongStems and Flowers for Fundraising.

Our founders, Mike and Karin Geiger, have a daughter with multiple disabilities. As such, they have been deeply involved in the disability community since 1999. Mike and Karin discovered, as almost everyone who is engaged with individuals with disabilities, that this community is an incredibly rich, diverse, unique, engaged and talented group of people who want what everyone else does a path to a fulfilling life. Often, this begins with a job. Unfortunately, the disabled community is often overlooked in employment settings not because they don't necessarily possess the skills, but because their disability creates basic barriers that makes it harder for employers to see them. Some have speech and communication disabilities that make it difficult to interview for a job successfully or to speak in public, sell or use phones easily. This may mask an individual’s other incredible talents some are amazing photographers, web designers, event designers and even writers. People with autism and other emotional disabilities may find it difficult to work with a lot of sensory input or around others but are brilliant at technical and artistic work that can be done from the safety of their homes. And individuals with cognitive disabilities are often the best sales people we could ever hope to have not to mention bringing an incredible bright, happy light that makes our company a much better place to work each and every day. People with disabilities truly make our planet a better place to be, and Mike and Karin wanted Flowers for Fundraising to be an opportunity for those individuals to shine, or as we call it "to bloom".

As an e-commerce based company, Mike and Karin knew immediately that Flowers for Fundraising would be a great fit for hiring individuals with disabilities. Flowers for Fundraising is a company that focuses on an individual's strengths not their challenges. From work at home policies to flexible schedules and adaptive ways of working, Flowers for Fundraising strives to be a leader in providing employment possibilities for the disabled community. Thus, as Flowers for Fundraising grows, so does our ability to add additional jobs for this wonderful population.

We also look to find farms and suppliers that are founded, run or employ the disabled or underserved. From entirely woman owned farms, to the farm owned and run by a disabled veteran that makes many of our winter wreaths, we want to encourage, support and help grow other organizations that are making a difference in lives of often marginalized people. Hence, every purchase you make from Flowers for Fundraising help to make this world a more inclusive place.

And finally, our third pillar you, our customer. Is there anything better than seeing someone smile when they receive flowers? Yes, there is. Knowing that the type of Fundraiser you selected made your customers happy, it helped your group achieve your unique goals, and your choice of flower vendors helped to support so many people in so many communities in so many different places. It is truly amazing to think that the simple act of hosting a Flower Fundraiser has the power to truly "Give Back" and "Do Good" at every level of the sales process. We think that is pretty awesome and we could never do it without you, our customer. Thank you.

Finally, Flowers for Fundraising was created at the request of our clients and this continues to be the driving force behind our operation. Our current product list was developed in response to meet customer requests, but we continue to add new options to meet the changing needs of our clients. We hope you find products that interest and excite you, but we are always looking for new ideas to help you create the perfect fundraiser for your group. Want to design a custom bouquet, corsage, wreath or flower? Or maybe you'd like to host flower design classes via zoom? Give us a call. We'd love to design something just for you!

The Art Of fresher Flowers

Recital Flower Bouquets

Our first experience with Flowers for Fundraising was wonderful! The bouquets arrived exactly as scheduled and the assortment of colors was breathtaking! My dance fans loved them – thank you for a hassle-free purchase.

- Karen C.
Recital Flower Bouquets

Our first experience with Flowers for Fundraising was wonderful! The bouquets arrived exactly as scheduled and the assortment of colors was breathtaking! My dance fans loved them – thank you for a hassle-free purchase.

- Karen C.