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Blue Hydrangeas

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Hydrangeas - Wholesale Hydrangeas Require 7 Days Advance Notice!

Nothing says Spring as much as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Selling flowers for a spring fundraiser is sure to be successful! With Easter and Passover celebrations - flowers are in demand to decorate holiday tables. Take advantage of the season and the natural demand by hosting a Spring Flower Fundraiser for your organization. Our Wholesale Hydrangeas are grown in the high altitudes of South America using the latest in agriculture advances. This produces much larger blooms with more petals and a stronger, longer lived hydrangea.  Hydrangeas with more petals open up slower, creating a longer lasting flower. And with our wholesale pricing, selling high quality, Hydrangeas can be very profitable for you!

Our hydrangeas and hand picked and shipped directly from the farm, making them extremely fresh!! They are cut and shipped the same day ensuring their quality and freshness. We are so sure you will love your flowers that we provide you with a 100% guarantee of their quality. Our hydrangeas will arrive individually wrapped with a water/food packet attached to the bottom of their stems to keep them hydrated and in good shape during the shipping process. Hydrangeas require a lot of water - DO NOT remove this packet until you are ready to give the stems a fresh cut and place them in water.

Our hydrangeas may arrive with several florets still in bud form, and their heads may be compacted during shipping. It is perfectly normal for Hydrangeas to look thirsty or "tired" upon arrival. They will fluff up once they receive a "fresh cut" to their stems and have time to drink up fresh water. Hydrangeas are a very hardy flower, but they will need to be properly hydrated once they arrive. Hydrangeas require a lot of water - ensure your hydrangeas always have plenty of water and are stored in a cool room, out of direct sunlight, and away from heat sources.For your Hydrangeas to look their best, we highly recommend you follow our care instructions below.We recommend that you have your hydrangeas delivered 1 - 2 days BEFORE your event or sale date to ensure they are fully open.

Free Shipping is included in the price - there is no extra charge for deliveries. As these flowers are farm direct from South America, you must have someone there to sign for your package when it arrives!

Blue Hydrangea Cut Flower Care instructions:

  • As soon as you receive your flowers, open their box(es) and cut strapping to remove flowers.
  • Hydrangeas will arrive with a plastic wrap around the bloom and a water/food packet attached to the bottom of their stems. Remove this packet just prior to cutting and hydrating.
  • Hydrangeas have a large flower head and thus a lot of surface area from which moisture evaporates. Thus, hydrangeas require a lot of water. Proper hydration is the key to having them look their best.
  • When hydrating, you will be hydrating both the flower bloom and the leaves on the stem. To keep most of the water available to hydrate your flower head, remove any leaves you will not need for your arrangements. To remove leaves, carefully pinch off the leaf where it attaches to the stem. Be careful with the leaves closest to the flower head.
  • Cut approximately 1" off the bottom of the stem at a steep angle, allowing the stems more surface area to drink up water. Be sure to cut between the nobs on the stems - these nobs help the stem uptake water - cutting through them may interfere with the flowers ability to hydrate properly.
  • Immediately place in fresh, prepared water. We recommend the use Floral food.
  • Hydrangeas also like to take up water through their large mop heads. You can either spray the flower directly with fresh water from a spray bottle or, you can submerge the entire flower and stem in a bathtub or large sink for 20 - 30 minutes before placing in your prepared hydrating buckets.
  • Hydrangeas are very thirsty - check water levels often to ensure they have plenty of water.
  • Let Hydrangeas hydrate for at least 4 hours before arranging, 12 or more hours is highly recommended. Ensure hydrangeas have plenty of water (check regularly - flowers drink a lot upon arrival) and keep the water clean.
  • You can easily refresh hydrangea blooms if they appear to droop by giving them a fresh stem cut and submerging the entire flower head and stem in water for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Ensure flowers are stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry area. Avoid drafts or heat sources.
  • Stem Length approx 12 - 16 inches
  • Do NOT overcrowd your hydrangeas in your container(s). If hydrangeas are overcrowded while hydrating, it could effect their blooming process.
  • Each Hydrangea stem features 1 bloom per stem (4 - 6 inches in diameter, on average)
  • Suggested Delivery - 1- 2 Days before use