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Carnation Corsages

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Carnation corsages are timeless and affordable. Both vintage and currently trendy, carnations are available in a wide variety of colors; you are sure to find a color that is perfect for your event.  You can select all of one color, or you can select a variety of colors.  Each box lists the total number of corsages that can be shipped, but you can determine the number of each color you would like.  If you wish to purchase a variety of colors, you will need to contact us at (207) 618-7618 so we can create a custom order just for you.

Our carnation corsages are hand made at our farms, and shipped directly to you.  They will arrive with either a water pick, or wet foot attached to their stems to keep them fresh.  Because of this, the stem length may be longer than you wish it to be.  Simply cut the stems to the desired length on the day of your event.  For best results, we recommend you follow our care instructions below, or check out our You Tube Channel on 48LongStems (our sister company).

You must order your corsages at least 7 days prior to the date you wish to receive them.  We recommend that you have 2-3 days before your event date. 

We suggest a $18.00 retail price for the carnation corsages.  You, of course, may sell them at any price you desire (thus, ensuring whatever margin you wish to receive).,  This item qualifies for Free Shipping!

Each Carnation Corsage contains:

  • 2 Carnations in the color of your choice
  • 1 Stem of Ruscus (or other available greenery)
  • Spray of Baby's Breath
  • Ribbon finish that matches carnation color
  • Wrist band or pin, option

Carnation Corsage Care Instructions:

  • Remove corsages from their boxes as soon as they arrive.
  • Each individual corsage will be in it's own plastic sleeve.  You may leave this on in order to distribute the corsages to individuals; however, remove it when hydrating flowers.
  • Each corsage will arrive with either a water pick or a "wet foot" attached to the bottom of their stems.  This is to provide hydration to the flowers during transport.  When you receive your corsages,  remove the water picks and ensure there is plenty of water still inside.  If they are in a wet foot, open up the small bag at the bottom, and ensure the cotton ball is still wet. 
  • If the water pick or wet foot is dry, add water.  Then, cut @ 1/4" off the bottom of the stems of the corsage and return to the wet foot or replace the water pick.  You will note that the stems of the corsage usually arrive longer than you would like for an event.  They are shipped with longer stems to allow you to recut the stems for hydration purposes.  You will only need to cut a small amount of the stem in order to hydrate.  Cut your stems to your final desired length just before using.
  • Alternatively, if possible, we recommend removing the water pick altogether, and cutting @ 1/4" off the bottom of the stems, and placing the bout in a small glass containing fresh, clean water.  If your corsages are in wet feet, and the bag is wet, this will keep your flowers hydrated.
  • We recommend storing your carnation corsages at room temperature.  CARNATION CORSAGES DO NOT NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED.  Just keep hydrated.
  • If you carnations arrive with their bloom still fairly closed, cut stems and place in warm water - about the temperature you are comfortable bathing in.  You may also keep the corsage in a sunny and/or warm location.  Warm temperatures create spring like temperatures that encourage faster blooming; cool temperatures slow it down.  
  • If you would like your carnations more open on the day of your event, gently use you fingers to fan out the petals.  You may also roll the base of the carnation (the green part under the petals) gently between your thumb and fore finger to help release the bloom.
  • For more information about caring for your corsages, check out our YouTube Channel at 48LongStems.