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Rose Combo Box - 125 Stems

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Rose Combo Box - 125 Stems 

Our roses combo box contains 125 roses of either 3 or 5 colors per box.  The shade of colors might vary from what is shown in the image.  

These are 50cm roses that are approximately 18" - 22" long.   Below is the list of colors that are in each of the options

Wholesale Roses will arrive in wrapped bunches of 25 roses each; strapped and secured in specially designed boxes to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.  To ensure the roses arrive in good shape, the farm double stacks the roses in each cardboard-wrapped bunch, so it may appear at first glance that you only have 12 roses in each bundle, but turn the roses upside down and count the stems - you will see each bunch contains 25 fresh, high-quality roses.  In addition, to protect the flowers during shipping, our Roses are shipped with their guard petals still attached.  All roses have several outer petals surrounding the rose blooms - which may appear bruised, torn, or discolored upon arrival.  THIS IS NORMAL.  Remove these few outer petals once you have finished hydrating the roses.  It is not uncommon for each rose bloom to have 5 - 10 guard petals.

Because our roses are the freshest available, they will most likely arrive in bud form and may need a day or two to open up.  We recommend that your roses be delivered 2 days BEFORE your event date to ensure they are fully open.  Roses are very hardy flowers, but they must be properly hydrated once they arrive.   It is perfectly normal for Roses to look thirsty or "tired" upon arrival.  They will perk up once they receive a "fresh cut" to their stems and have time to drink up fresh water.