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Ice Cream Bouquet, 22 Bouquets

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 Our Ice Cream Bouquets is a great bouquet of tinted baby’s breath flowers that looks wonderful and lasts a very long time.  You have a large number of colors to choose from, but if you have a special request please let us know.  These bouquets come with their own plastic cups which makes handing them out easy.   Make money for your organization by selling these unique and much-loved bouquets.

 We have a suggested selling price of $23.00 per bouquet.  

 The flowers for our Ice Cream Bouquets are chosen, cut, tinted, and arranged with a matching wrap by flower professionals at the farm.  This assures you get only the freshest, highest-quality flowers.  We suggest that you have them arrive 2 - 3 days before your event.  It is perfectly normal for your bouquets to look thirsty or "tired" upon arrival.  They will perk up once they receive a "fresh cut" to their stems and have time to drink up fresh water. These bouquets are made up of hardy, long-lived flowers that are sure to last for quite a while.  We are sure you will be pleased with our Centerpieces, we offer a 100% guarantee of quality and freshness.   

  • Length - 22cm
  • Approximately 16 Stems
  • Plastic Cup Included



Ice Cream Bouquet Care Instructions:  

  • As soon as you receive your bouquets, open their box(s) and cut strapping to remove flowers.
  • Fill Plastic cups with fresh, clean room temperature water.
  • Remove any green foliage that will fall below the water line from the bottom of the stems. Any foliage that falls below the waterline will form bacteria and effect the life of your flowers and the blooming process
  • Cut 1/2 to 1 inch off the bottom of each stem, and immediately place in cups.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and drafts.  The use of Floral food is recommended.  Let Centerpieces hydrate for at least 4 hours, 12 or more hours is recommended.
  • Check water levels frequently.  Fresh cut flowers consume a lot of water when hydrating.  Keep water levels high and water fresh.