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Mini Centerpieces, Fall Colored, 14 Pieces

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14 Fall Mini Centerpieces - Require 7 Days Advance Notice

Thanksgiving dinner has been a family tradition since the founding of this country. Families and friends join together around the holiday table to share in this time-honored feast every year - and next to the turkey, potatoes, and stuffing, are beautiful, seasonal centerpieces. No table would be complete without flowers, which makes selling farm-fresh centerpieces this time of year easy. Everyone will either need at least one for their own table or will need to bring one (or more) for a hostess gift wherever they will be celebrating the holiday. Our Fall Mini Centerpieces make decorating the Thanksgiving table a breeze. They can be displayed in the packaging they arrive in, or inserted into another vase to create stunning tablescapes. No fuss or mess involved. And, our custom designed Fall Mini Centerpieces are long lasting. Purchase them a week or more before Thanksgiving to add a seasonal feel to your home, and then place them on your dining or or buffet table to set the perfect mood for the holiday. These mini-centerpieces are very popular - people can't resist them when they see them, and at their very affordable price, they are very easy sell.

Our custom designed and hand made mini Fall Centerpieces come pre-arranged and are ready to go - straight out of the box! Each box will contain 14 individual centerpieces; each approximately 5.5 inches wide and 6.4 inches tall. Each centerpiece will be made up of Fall colored flowers in a variety of styles, and are shipped directly from our environmentally friendly and socially responsible farms - guaranteeing your centerpieces will be made using only the highest quality, freshest flowers available. The flowers used to make up our mini-centerpieces are very long lasting - however, for best results, we recommend you follow our Mini Centerpiece Care Instructions below.

Mini Centerpiece Care Instructions:

  • Open Box as soon as you receive it
  • Each Centerpiece will be contained in an individual bag. Carefully pull each bagged arrangement out of the box.
  • Remove the wooden dowels from each arrangement. These are only used to ensure the centerpieces do not get damaged in shipping.
  • Each centerpiece is made up of flowers inserted into previously moistened flower foam. This is to ensure the flowers arrive fresh and are ready to go. However, we highly recommend re-wetting the foam upon arrival to extend the life of your flowers for as long as possible.
  • To re-wet the flower foam, carefully separate the top flowers and add water as you would to any arrangement. The water may continue to drain into the water proof wrapping covering the foam. This is fine. Ensure that any part of the foam that feels dry to the touch is given enough water to remain moist. You may leave some water at the base of the foam to help keep the arrangements fresh, or you may gently pour out any excess water that may pool after the foam is saturated.
  • The flower foam is a resilient base for each centerpiece, and is a great water source for your flowers. However, it does dent and may have changed shape a bit during the shipping process. If any of your arrangements do not sit as you would like upon arrival, gently push on the foam base so that it sits the way you desire.
  • Mini Centerpieces are available year round.
  • If cared for properly, your mini-centerpieces can last up to 2 weeks.
  • Each centerpiece is approximately 5.5 inches wide and 6.4 inches tall
  • Suggested Delivery Date: 2-3 Days Before Use Date