How To Accomplish A Successful Fundraising Campaign For Your School?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what better time of the year can it be to raise money for your school. Most of the schools, churches and other non-profit organizations conduct fundraising campaigns on Valentine’s Day and use wholesale Valentine flowers as a fundraiser. Since Valentine’s Day is a holiday, schools make productive use of this special day by organizing a fundraising campaign. Well, there are many fundraising ideas which you can use for your cause. You can go for flowers, candies, t-shirts, gift baskets, raffles etc. If you are confused about which fundraiser you will pick that will fetch you a high profit-margin and will sell like hot cakes, then you can go for wholesale Valentine flowers.

Roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day and selling these roses singly or by the dozen can earn you a good chunk of money. You can buy the flowers wholesale online and offer them for sale at your school fundraising campaign. Make sure that you order the flowers online well in advance so that you can get it delivered before the fundraising day.

The advantage of ordering the flowers wholesale online is that you will receive the flowers farm-fresh. The flowers are cut according to the requirements and are shipped on the day of order. Before the shipment, the flowers are wrapped and packed neatly so that they stay fresh and their fragrance remains intact.

Another benefit is that no extra expenses are charged for the shipment since they are included in the pricing. When you order the flowers for your fundraising campaign online, you will come across a variety of flowers to choose from. You can order crimson roses wholesale and sell them in single form or you can order 3-stem or 6-stem rose bouquets. You can also buy an assortment of different colored roses and sell them in bouquet form or in bunches.

Another thing which you can do with wholesale flowers is to create attractive bouquets yourself. Just order wholesale Valentine flowers online and some colourful wrappers or tissue papers and ribbons. Just put the number of roses you want in a tissue paper and wrap them around the stems and tie off with the ribbon. People will love those colourful bouquets and you will rake a good amount of money selling them. Using wholesale flowers for a fundraising campaign is thus an excellent and easy way to earn money for your school campaign.

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