Breast Cancer Awareness Flowers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a great time to raise hope, and funds, for this worthy cause.  Groups across the country sponsor walks, 5 and 10 K's and other activities to raise money for their local and national Breast Cancer organizations.  Schools have also gotten into the spirit.  It is very common for every Fall sports team to select one game in October as a Breast Cancer Awareness game.  Teams adopt special uniforms, play with pink balls or place pink ribbons on equipment to honor the cause.  School clubs, especially Key Clubs, also focus on awareness and fundraising activities for Breast Cancer in October.  With all these events going on around the country, it is a great opportunity to for your organization to fundraise for Breast Cancer research and help to find a cure.  Based upon years of client requests, we have created a great group of popular products that are perfect for a Breast Cancer Fundraising event.  Whether it's handing out pink roses or carnations at the end of a charity run, or selling pink flowers or centerpieces - we have it all, and a lot of experience working with groups to create a fundraiser that is perfect for them.  We even have COVID-19 safe selling options!  Give us a call at 207-618-7618 and lets join together to raise awareness, raise hope, and raise funds.  And as an extra bonus, we will donate a portion of the sale of any item you choose in October to the Breast Cancer charity of your choice.  It doesn't get better than that.