Dance Reference Page

Dance Reference Page

We know that the world of dance can be confusing sometimes. From costumes to buy, to ticket sales, to just general recital information, we understand that there's nothing easy about this well loved art form. We may know flowers, but we know dance too! Whether it's your first recital or you're a seasoned pro, we think you'll find these links helpful. 

United Dance Merchants of America






If you're a dance vendor or merchant, UDMA is a great resource for the dance community. UDMA is made up of people who do half or more of their business with dance schools, making them extremely helpful if you're the owner of a costume company, dance makeup, shoes, or any other relevant field in the dance world. Even better, they host 3 shows per year, making it possible to meet other vendors and form partnerships! This is a great opportunity, and one you'll see us at.


Dance Teacher Summit





42nd Street Tours 

Located in Lower New York Harbor, 42nd Street Tours & Travel is the industry leading travel planner for dance and theatre groups. Our travel professionals are always available and ready to help you plan an amazing group performance tour that is both high in value and quality. Customized travel for dance and theatre groups is what we do, and we do it best. 42nd Street Tours & Travel is not a competition company or a music festival company. Dance and theatre is in our DNA and it shows in every tour.








Dance Teacher Summit is one of the most popular dance trade shows, and it's easy to see why. Being associated with Dance Teacher Magazine certainly helps, but it's the smart way to keep up with everything new that's happening in our industry! The more people you know, the more people you can utilize in your business. Dance Teacher Summit lets you get up close and personal with people who are looking to do the same things, making it a very valuable investment to attend. 

Dance Teacher Web Live


Dance Teacher Web Live is another fantastic resource if you're looking for a dance industry conference and expo to attend. Meet other dance teachers, and learn more about why this industry is alive and well, and how to make sure you stay current. From new classes, to industry leaders and seminars, you'll come back from Dance Teacher Web Live invigorated and rejuvenated for the upcoming dance season. Make sure you come and say hi to us!


Mode Dion

If you're new to the dance world, you need to have the right makeup! Sadly, every day makeup will not make dancers look their best when they are sweating and dancing under hot lights. What you need is stage makeup, which is made specifically for performers. Mode Dion has beautiful products that are easy to use, and reliable. In the world of dance, that's all you need for performance makeup.


Memory Makers, Inc.

Dance is about a lot of things, but most of all, you want parents to be able to have memories to hold onto. Most studios discourage photos being taken at dance recitals, and with good reason. Recitals are stressful enough for the dancers performing, and the flash coming off of phones and cameras can take them out of the moment and make them mess up. Hire a photographer like Memory Makers, Inc who will take individual photos of the dancers at the recital. It'll take stress off you and keep the parents happy at the same time!


Revolution Dancewear

 Revolution Dancewear creates beautiful costumes and dancewear for dancers of all ages. Whether you have a class of new 3 year olds, or 16 year old ballerinas, Revolution has everything you need for a succesful year of dance. Their designs are beautiful, and they also offer same day delivery on most items, making them convenient and simple to use, year after year.


It's not easy to be a dance studio owner. Between the stress of recitals, dealing with aggressive parents and the costs of keeping your studio open, it can seem like you're all alone. But you're not! With a resource like, you'll have access to articles and advice that will make getting through the dance year just a little bit easier. Even better, you'll be part of a community that supports and gets you.



Need to sell tickets? We personally work with TutuTix and love the ability to customize exactly what you need. During recital season, you just can't handle another thing, because your time is valuable. TutuTix makes ticketing easy, and keeps you in the loop about how your sales are doing. It's just another way that you can stress less during recital season! 



Looking for a good dance shoe company? Capezio has a large number of options, with something for everyone! Whether you need tap shoes, ballet slippers, or general dance accessories, this is a great company to check out! You can take comfort knowing this started as a family owned business, and is one of the most loved dance shoe companies in the country!




  StarQuest Dance Competition produces happy, positive, dance event memories in a friendly, theatrical, exciting, and fun-filled atmosphere.

Dance Recital Ticketing

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