About Us

Flowers for Fundraising specializes in providing the freshest, highest quality cut flowers, floral bouquets and floral arrangements to schools, clubs, sports organizations, churches, pageants, non-profits, businesses and civic organizations across the US and Canada.  As such, we are the nation's largest provider of fundraising floral products.

Flowers for Fundraising began as a result of numerous requests our parent company, 48LongStems, received from our clients.  48LongStems was, and still is, one of the earliest pioneers of internet retail florists - and one of the very few who supplies flowers to customers in the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.  In 2007 we began differentiating ourselves further by becoming one of the first florists to offer wholesale flowers, arrangements and bouquets directly to the public.  

As soon as we were able to offer wholesale flowers to the public, we started receiving requests from schools,clubs and churches nationwide looking to raise much needed money in a new way.  With the beginning of the great recession, budgets were extremely tight and getting tighter, and our clients needed to raise extra funds just to make ends meet.  Tired of selling the same magazines, wrapping paper and popcorn, our clients asked us to develop a set of products they could sell easily, with low capital requirements, and the ability for them to set their own profit  margins.  Working directly with our farm partners, we developed a line of floral bouquets and bulk flowers to do just that.

Selling bulk flowers and bouquets turned out to be just what our clients were looking for -  an easy way to make money. As our clients success grew, requests for new, different and more product options grew - so much so, that we decided we needed to create a new company, solely devoted to developing and servicing the needs of this customer base.  Flowers for Fundraising was born and has now grown into the largest provider of fresh floral fundraising products in the country.

Flowers for Fundraising, like our parent company 48LongStems, is committed to providing the freshest, highest quality floral products, at the most competitive prices in the industry.  We stand behind our products with a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee.  But we are just as committed to exceptional customer service.  We may be an internet company, but we are passionate about getting to know our customers personally - ensuring that we have not only met your expectations, but exceeded them. If you have any questions, concerns or requests, simply give us a call and one of our dedicated service members will respond promptly.  And don't be surprised if one of our sales team stops by to introduce themselves when they are in your area.  We want to know our customers and what we can do to ensure your next fundraiser is a success!

Flowers for Fundraising was created at the request of our clients and this continues to be the driving force behind our operation.  Our current product list was developed in response to client requests, but we continue to add new options to meet the changing needs of our clients.  We hope you find products that interest and excite you - but we are always looking for and open to creating new floral bouquets, bulk flower options and fresh seasonal products to meet your individual needs.  Looking for something different - give us a call.  We'd love to design something for you!!