Just as individuals use birthstones and zodiac signs, many organizations choose a specific flower to symbolize their associations.  Most nationally recognized college sororities have selected a special flower to represent their unique affiliation.  These flowers are then often used to decorate sorority events, or they may be given to "sisters" upon initiation or in recognition of achievements or support.  Sorority specific flowers are also used to tie in your "sorority brand" in fundraising activities and celebrations.  Whether used for personal events or fundraising opportunities, using your sorority's flower is a sure way to personalize and include your unique traditions into any type of activity.


  • Alpha Chi Omega:   Red Carnation
  • Alpha Delta Chi:     Gladiolus & Delphinium/Larkspur
  • Alpha Delta Pi:    Woodland Violet (African Violet is usually used)
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi:   Lily of the Valley
  • Alpha Gamma Delta:  Red and Buff (Cream Colored) Roses with Asparagus Ferns
  • Alpha Kappa Delta Phi:    Purple Iris
  • Alpha Omicron Pi:     General Jacqueminot Rose  (Deep Red Colored Rose)
  • Alpha Phi:     Lily of the Valley
  • Alpha Phi Gamma:     Tulip
  • Alpha Sigma Alpha:     Narcissus (Daffodil) In Spring  and Purple Aster in Fall
  • Alpha Sigma Tau:     Yellow Rose
  • Alpha Xi Delta:     Pink Rose
  • Beta Sigma Phi:     White Carnation
  • Chi Omega:  White Carnation
  • Chi Upsilon Sigma:     Hibiscus
  • Delta Delta Delta:   Pansy
  • Delta Gamma:     Cream  Rose
  • Delta Kappa Delta:     White Rose
  • Delta Phi Epsilon:    Purple Iris
  • Delta Psi Epsilon:     Purple Orchid
  • Delta Sigma Chi:     Birds of Paradise
  • Delta Sigma Theta:     African Violet
  • Delta Tau Lambda:     Forget Me Not
  • Delta Xi Nu:     Red Tulip
  • Delta Xi Phi:     Harison's Yellow Rose
  • Delta Zeta:  Pink Killarney Rose  (Pink Colored Rose)
  • Gamma Phi Beta:  Pink Carnation
  • Gamma Zeta Alpha:     White Violet
  • Kappa Alpha:     Crimson (Burgundy Colored) Rose & Magnolia Blossom
  • Kappa Alpha Theta:    Black & Gold Pansy
  • Kappa Delta Phi:     Yellow Rose
  • Kappa Delta Rho:     Red Rose
  • Kappa Beta Gamma:     Forget Me Not
  • Kappa Delta:  White Rose
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma:    Fleur-de-lis (Iris is often used)
  • Lambda Chi Alpha:     White Rose
  • Pi Beta Phi:    Wine/Burgundy Carnation
  • Phi Gamma Delta:     Clematis
  • Phi Kappa Phi:  Red Rose
  • Phi Lambda Chi:  White Carnation
  • Phi Mu:  Rose Color Carnation (Pink Carnations are usually used)
  • Phi Sigma Sigma:     American Beauty Rose  (Red Hybrid Colored Rose)
  • Pi Kappa Alpha:     Lily of the Valley
  • Pi Kappa Phi:     Red Rose
  • Pi Lambda Phi:     Honeysuckle
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi:     Purple Violet
  • Sigma Delta Tau:    Golden Tea Rose  (Bright Yellow Colored Rose)
  • Sigma Gamma Rho:  Yellow Tea Rose
  • Sigma Kappa:     Wild Purple Violet
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma:  Purple Violet
  • Tau Delta Phi:     White Chrysanthemum
  • Tau Epsilon Phi:     Sand Lily or Star Lily
  • Theta Chi:     Red Carnation
  • Theta Phi Alpha:   White Rose
  • Zeta Beta Tau:     Gold Carnation
  • Zeta Phi Beta:     White Rose
  • Zeta Psi:     White Carnation
  • Zeta Tau Alpha:    White Violet

  Sorority not listed?  Email us with your name and flower.


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