Why are Flowers a Perfect Gift for Dance Recitals?

Why are Flowers a Perfect Gift for Dance Recitals?

The excitement of receiving a bunch of flowers after a dance recital is beyond words. Dancers, especially school children, love to get such floral gifts after their warm performances as a congratulatory token of their achievements. Dance recitals are held during late springtime or early summer and students wait with bated breath to revel in the excitement of performing in front of their parents and getting showered with gifts at the end of their performances. Finding an appropriate recital gift for your dancer can be a difficult task if you have no inkling about what (s)he really wants and what gift would affect that glowing smile on her face.

Though there are many gift options to choose from, nothing can make dancers smile more after a performance than a bouquet of blooming flowers. Flowers have been a congratulatory part of dance recitals and this tradition has continued for centuries. Since flowers are affordable and symbolize compliments and admiration, they are bought in huge numbers by parents and well-wishers at dance recital ceremonies.

Roses attract most eyes when it comes to dance recital flowers. These floral beauties with their numerous variations are a perfect way of showing appreciation for a lively dance performance. Carnations come next. These flowers come in a wide array of colors and are ideal for a mixed bouquet. Gerbera daisies are another good recommendation for dance recital flowers. Like carnations, these flowers bloom in different colors such as pink, orange, yellow and red and can be used in mixed flower bouquets.

Dance recitals can be a perfect opportunity for fundraising for your school. Since parents would love to pick up flowers directly from a fundraising booth for their dancers without having to stop at a local florist and haggle for the best price, selling flowers singly or in bouquets can be a great idea. Before going for the fundraising idea, you should determine the demand and come to a well-informed estimate, since you don’t want your money to go waste. 

Once you are done with the estimated job, you can purchase the flowers in wholesale quantities from an online florist and then sell them.

Ordering online will benefit you immensely since you will get fresh and high-quality bouquets. Besides that, you can fetch a good price online. While selling the flowers, keep the price point in accordance with the estimate the parents have in their mind. It can possibly work in your favour and you can have a good sell-out.

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