Valentine's Day Wholesale Flowers

Flowers and Valentine's are a perfect match, therefore,  selling flowers for Valentine's Day (February 14th) is a perfect fundraiser for your organization.  Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day more than getting (or giving) a red or pink rose or carnation.  Wholesale bulk roses and carnations are an easy sell on Valentine's Day - and at wholesale pricing - you are guaranteed to make a profit.  Host a "flowergram", have buckets of flowers available in front of the cafeteria or school office, in the lobby or vestibule of your church or business - no one can resist picking up a flower to brighten someone's day on Valentine's.  Don't miss out on this fabulous fundraising opportunity!

The Wholesale Flowers prices shown here are only available for Valentine's Day flowers delivered from January 1st through February 16th  All Valentine's Day Wholesale Flower Orders must be received at least 7 days prior to their delivery date.    Because of extremely high demand for these flowers, we recommend that you order as early as possible to ensure they are still available.  Supplies of red roses and carnations can and do run out this time of year.  Shop Early to guarantee availability!!