Custom Dyed Rose Bouquets

Want a fun, new way to raise money for your Homecoming, Prom, or other school dances?  Do you need a fundraiser for your team or club to travel?  Trying to raise additional money for Grad Night activities or Graduation events?  Are your Key Clubs, PTA's or fraternal organizations looking for new fundraising opportunities for their philanthropic needs?  Make money and increase your school/club/team spirit by selling roses in your school or teams' colors!  Selling roses in your unique colors infuses your school/team or clubs brand into this fundraising opportunity.  We can create roses in any color combination you need.  And, these are not flowers you can buy anywhere - they are designed to draw attention to your specific event - creating a buzz and level of excitement that will make this a great fundraising item for your organization.  Custom dyed roses get noticed - AND SOLD - as a way to show support for your cause.   Call us today at (207)618-7618 and have us help you design the perfect flower fundraiser for you!