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Rose Bouquet Combo Box

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Our Rose Bouquet Combo Box is designed for the first-time buyer who wants a sample of all our bouquets. This package contains 18 or 32 Premium Rose Bouquets. Each bouquet includes Long Stem Rose(s), and filler arranged in an attractive plastic sleeve.

You have a choice of choosing the color of the bouquets.  You can choose, "Red", "Assorted - No Red Rose Bouquets" which will have no red bouquets, "Assorted - Half Red Bouquets, Half Other Colors" which half of the bouquets will be red, and the other half colors other than red, or one of the many other colors that we have available.   Please note that if you choose an assorted mix each bouquet will still be one color.


  • 18 Bouquets (total)
  • 8 1-Stem Rose Bouquets
  • 5 3-Stem Rose Bouquets
  • 3 6-Stem Rose Bouquets
  • 2 12 Stem Rose Bouquets
  • Greenery 
  • Baby's Breath - substitutions may take place
  • Plastic Sleeve


  • 36 Bouquets (total)
  • 16 1-Stem Bouquets
  • 10 3-Stem Bouquets
  • 6 6-Stem Bouquets
  • 4 12-Stem Bouquets
  • Leather Leaf - substitutions may take place
  • Baby's Breath - substitutions may take place
  • Plastic Sleeve

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