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Let Us Help You Move Your Fundraiser Online

We can help you sell FlowersForFundraisng products using an online platform hosted by Farmraiser.

FarmRaiser, is a partner of FlowersForFundraising that has a platform that offers organizations and groups tools to sell products online to their members. This platform is easy to use and is also free to your organization. See an example here Cheverus High School.

What Farmraiser can do for you

  • Your organization gets a shareable website to show the items you want to sell as well as a state of the art mobile app. This makes it easy to text, email and post your fundraiser on social media. Your site is personalized with the products you want to sell, at the price you want to sell them as well as having your logo prominently displayed.
  • A secure paywall lets you accept credit card payments quickly and safely. Therefore, there is less cash you will have to collect and manage! However, you can also print paper order forms for those who prefer to pay by cash or check.
  • See your orders in real time. The online dashboard allows you to monitor how you’re program is progressing towards your fundraising goal!
  • Supporters can add additional donations on the platform so you can raise even more for your cause!
  • Farmraiser will be your Partner as you will work with them. They will-
    • Collect the money
    • Pay FlowersForFundraising directly
    • Send you the net proceeds after taking out a fee for the credit card processing fees. (Farmraiser manages your accounting)
    • Issue an order automatically to FlowersForFundraiser when the program ends to be shipped directly to you. Please note that FlowersForFundraiser only ships full cases of product so the product shipped to you will be rounded up to the full case size.

FlowersForFundraisng team is always available to answer questions about how get set up with a site onFarmRaiser, our products and shipping details. If you have questions please call us at 207.618.7618.

Fill out the form below and Farmraiser will respond to you with information on how to set up your own site.