4 Autumn Splendor Cornucopia ($51.25 each)

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Autumn Splendor Cornucopia - Requires 7 Days Advance Purchase

Cornucopias are a classic and traditional Thanksgiving holiday decoration; and one that millions of people will be looking to purchase each holiday season. The Autumn Splendor Cornucopia is overflowing with farm fresh, seasonal flowers and greens, sure to brighten any holiday table.  Nothing says Fall as much as a cornucopia filled with flowers; and, you can rest assured that the flowers filling the Autumn Splendor Cornucopia are the highest quality, freshest flowers available anywhere.  We source all of our flowers from Environmentally Friendly farms that practice responsible farming methods.  Professional florists select and arrange the best flowers available when designing your cornucopia, and then ship it directly from the farm, ensuring you receive only the freshest bouquet possible. We are so confident that you will love your flowers, we 100% guarantee them!

At $51.25, the Autumn Splendor Cornucopia is very competitively priced, and, at a suggested retail sales price of $75.00, very profitable for your organization!  And to increase your sales opportunities (and profits) we offer two sales methods:  traditional drop shipping to one location, or, a COVID 19 safe option of having them delivered individually to anyone in the US.  If you choose the drop ship location, your cost per bouquet is $51.25 and, we must ship a minimum of 4 bouquets per box.  This option nets you a profit of $23.75 per cornucopia ordered!  If you would prefer to have individuals purchase them individually and have them mailed directly to their home, or somewhere else for a gift, the price per bouquet is $67.00 per bouquet.  We recommend increasing the purchase price of individually shipped cornucopias to $90, but you may select the ultimate selling price, thereby determining your own profit margin.  For people wishing to send our cornucopias to a friend or family member for the holiday, a message card can be added, and they may select the date they wish the cornucopia to arrive.  You can also offer both options - bulk shipping to one location for local purchasers, and individual shipments to send as a holiday gift - allowing you to maximize your sales and profit opportunities.

In order to assist you in marketing and selling your Cornucopias, we can create a customized web site for you. This option is free of charge and makes marketing your fundraiser easier, as well as taking orders and accepting payment (not to mention, the safest COVID option). We recommend setting up your order form as early as possible, so it is ready to go when you are ready to begin selling your Cornucopias.

This centerpiece comes ready to display right out of the box.  No assembly will be required.  However, as these cornucopias contain fresh flowers, they will need to be watered regularly in order to stay in good shape.  A small funnel is included in each cornucopia to assist in adding water to the arrangement, as needed.  Because these cornucopias are hand made to order, and shipped directly from the farm, they must be ordered at least 7 days in advance of your desired delivery date.  

Drop shipped fundraising cornucopias are sold in case lots of 4.  For deliveries before Thanksgiving, bulk, drop ship orders should be received by November 13th.  If you choose to have your cornucopias delivered to individual addresses, they Require 7 Days Advance Purchase!  Please contact us at 1-207-618-7618 to schedule later deliveries or to set up a web site ordering system for individual deliveries.  

Each centerpiece contains 21 stems of the following flowers and greens:

  • Red Roses - 3 Stems
  • Green Pittosporum - 3 Stems
  • Orange Asiatic Lilies - 2 Stems
  • Solidago - 3 Stems
  • Sunflowers - 3 Stems
  • Red Daisy Pompoms - 4 Stems
  • Green Ruscus - 3 Stems
  • Cornucopia Base
  • Approximately 18" L X 9" H