Christmas Wreaths, Swags & Indoor Greenery

Selling holiday wreaths and swags are our most popular and profitable fall/winter fundraiser!!  Holiday wreaths and swags are a favorite holiday item, with millions of people hanging them on their front doors to celebrate the holiday season.  Make sure your group profits from this very popular tradition.  We sell only the highest quality, fresh balsam fir wreaths  and swags - thick, full and fragrant - sure to please all of your customers who will be sure to look forward to these year after year.  And to ensure you the greatest sales opportunities, we offer you 2 selling options:  (1) traditional drop ship sales to one location for door to door pre-sales or in front of churches or stores; and (2) personalized website sales, allowing individual wreaths to be shipped to anyone in the continental United States.  Contact us at 207-618-7618 and let one of our Flowers for Fundraising staff help you design a program perfect for your fundraising needs!!